Microsoft Excel Recovery tool

The developers of Excel Recovery Toolbox (download) can be found on the website of professional team development of data recovery tools and services. This community offers a freeware version of its programs and solutions so you can download a program for the restoration of Excel workbooks and follow its guidelines, moreover it implies the execution of two clicks only.

This tool is not GNU or GPL, open source versions are not supported, too. Please note that its engine offers improved heuristic data restoration algorithms and there is no need to change its source code. In the same time, the development team welcomes all requests, officially submitted by any user of Excel Recovery Toolbox.

Excel Recovery tool

The restoration of corrupted Excel documents is so easy that you do not need to have some extra explanations, use the shortcut of Excel Recovery Toolbox to start and select any workbook of supported Excel format to continue than wait for the end of analysis.

In this mode you can evaluate how the application works and find out if it is really possible to open a file of Excel format that is not accessible normally. The time of Excel Recovery Toolbox execution can be different depending on the PC workstation in use, however it does not mean the efficiency of application is higher on faster computers, it is always the same.


Other capabilities:

Excel Recovery